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 Thank you for visiting. This site is purely for information as a new one is being created. So excuse the weird gaps!         
Site for you to see how wonderful existing clients know I am.
Of course I am likely to agree.

 All recent 'new client' Testimonials will be added on my new site later this year 2023

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I am taking booking enquiries for Overnights for 2025 / 2026****

 Bookings for Drop-In and feed/play services are on availability basis from now.


                                                                                    HOW MANY HOURS IS 'OVERNIGHT'? Loosely, eg. 7am - 7am,  3pm - 3pm (24hrs hours)                                                                                                  

                                                         Additional time over the 24 hours is charged at £10 per hour.                                                               

Your return delayed by up to 2 hours means no extra charge. ie. common sense kicks in.



You shall not be disappointed.  Just wondering how you never found me before.


(All pet photographs on this site were taken by Winston Hayles - The Pet Whisperer)




    We have been getting Winston’s help to walk Reggie and Archie for the past year.
    HOW WINSTON INTERACTED WITH THE DOGS  - We find Winston extremely patient and loving towards our dogs. He takes utmost care and pays
    attention to all that is instructed to him.
   Being large dogs, Tibetan Mastiff and Newfoundland, we were looking for someone who would be able to handle them sternly yet gently.
   PUNCTUALITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS IN YOUR HOME AND RELIABILITY  - The dogs go crazy when they hear Winston at the door, he is always on        time and is extremely reliable.
   We have two very happy and tired dogs after the walk.
  RECOMMENDATION  - We would be very happy to recommend Winston to anyone, and you are free to call us if you have any more questions








   MATTEO - St. Margarets, Twickenham - North American client. Regular Overnight Sits of 5-10 days per month.  Since 2018.

   WINSTON'S COMMUNICATION WITH YOU, THE CLIENT  -  My communication with Winston has always been great. Winston is responsive and         
    proactively updates me on Matteo's progress while in his  care.   

   HOW MATTEO INTERACTED WITH WINSTON  -  Matteo loves Winston and it is evident that he spoils him with toys and attention. When I return 
   from my travels, Matteo is comfortable and does not show any signs of distress which lets me know he was well taken care of. 
   Winston enjoys taking care of Matteo and it appears Matteo likes spending time with Winston. 

   PUNCTUALITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS IN YOUR HOME AND RELIABILITY  -  Winston is punctual and will show up at least 15 minutes ahead of time.
   I trust him immensely and have even provided him access to my security system.  I have no concerns with Winston in my home   
   and he is definitely reliable. 

  RECOMMENDATION  -  I highly recommend Winston and I know he won't disappoint you. Winston provides me with a sense of comfort when
   I need to travel. I know Matteo will be well taken care of which allows me to focus on my work and personal commitments. If you have
further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
   JAMILLE  - #AmericaninBritain





  PABU- Tibetan Terrier. Regents Park  - Multiple sits. Since 2016.  Click on red quote for more grrrrrreat Pabu photos.                        

  "When we got back we found such a happy dog and a tidy house that I booked Winston again on the spot for our next vacations."

 Mrs D.P. Regents Park, London





   COMMUNICATION WITH CLIENT -  I found communication with Winston to be exceptional, both in the planning and during his visits to the house.  Responsive and always with the details that a pet owner wants to have without having to ask all of the time.

   HOW CLEO CAT INTERACTED WITH WINSTON - From the first moment Winston was a hit with my 8 year old Cleo who is a bit shy.
He gave her the back of his hand and his scent and they  were fast friends.
I felt so much better knowing Cleo was in good hands and those she knew.

    TRUSTWORTHINESS AND HOME SECURITY -  I was very happy to leave keys with Winston to get in and out and I felt the security                                
of the home was enhanced by his presence.

   RECOMMENDATION - "I would recommend Winston but a bit hesitant as it means he'll just be more booked for future days that I may need. I am already planning his subsequent visits as I travel extensively for work."

   E.P. Chalcot Square. Primrose Hill, London. North American client.





   REPEAT OVERNIGHT DOG AND HOUSE SITTING IN DEVON (London 2016). Devon from 2017- 2018

   This was the second time I had used Winston to sit for my dogs. So impressed was I with the care he offered them on the first sit in London, I paid for him to come down to Devon,               where I now live.
   Indeed he is booked to sit again in April 2017. In fact I know plan my holidays around his availability.       
  The dogs love him, he is a responsible, but fun sitter who obviously enjoys the company of animals and works hard to ensure  they have a " fun" time with him.
  He looks after their basic needs well, when my elderly Whippet became ill he provided good care, coaxing her to eat and drink.  
  Winston is very respectful that he is living in your home and takes good care of it. I returned to a clean and tidy house.
  On this sit it was Winston's quick action that saved my newly remodelled kitchen from being ruined. The boiler developed a leak, water began to flood the kitchen.
  Winston addressed the problem and saved the kitchen. Further he repaired the leak with a " temporary fix " ensuring I had heat and hot water on my return.
My plumber said he'd done a good job.

  "With Winston you are confident that both your dogs and home are being looked after. I recommend him wholeheartedly."

 A.C, Gracie and Chester - DEVON







  I picked up a card from our local Pet shop Medivet on Stoke Newington High Street, as we were going away over Christmas, and  didn't want to leave our cat alone. The card was very accurate about the service offered Pet sitting.
  COMMUNICATION - Winston's communication was excellent throughout, and extremely thorough and reliable.
  PET INTERACTION - Our very unfriendly (unsociable) cat met Winston without any confrontation, which was very reassuring, as she  usually goes and hides when anyone visits.
  TRUSTWORTHINESS - He was very trustworthy, and didn't even eat any chocolates we left out for him. He sent us photos of Missy and he even fed the squirrels we feed, out the back, and sent photos of those also, which was very reassuring.
  RECOMMENDATION -  "Most certainly recommended"

  Mrs L. McS. and Dave - Stoke Newington N16





   'Mordent' - Barcelona, Spain -  10 day sit. August 2016, 2017

     We're still amazed how Winston managed to win our cat Mordent's heart here in Barcelona, and without them meeting in advance for suitability!
    He is exactly and more than what the other pet owners have described. Kept Mordent active. Humorous photos and videos.
    If my cat could talk he would probably say 'Can Winston stay and replace you?'    

   "Winston is the perfect pet and house keeper - definitely going to have him over again next summer! "

   Oriol Pallarés - Barcelona, Spain





   Miss Odette - Persian Queen of Kensington, London   -  Multiple Pet Sits. Since 2016.

  "Highly  recommended, my Platinum service pet sitter, Winston Hayles."    

   Winston  looked after my fussy little Diva Lilac  Persian, Odette for two weeks while I went on a well earned break to the lovely Island of St Lucia. I happily packed and headed to the departure  lounge, confident that my Odette would be well looked after.
   This is the third time that I have left my Precious cat in Winston's  charge, and she was just as happy as I was.
   I came home to a well groomed cat, letters safely stored, and all my house and garden  plants looking blooming lovely.

  Sandra R - North Kensington





   EVIE Dowager Countess of Highgate & LADY ZIGGY...and now Alfie (Evie's great-great grandson).

   Multiple 2 weeklong term bookings. Since 2016.

   Winston looked after our house and two dogs, a Golden Retriever (14 yrs) and a Labrador (8yrs) for three weeks while we were on holiday.
   We were a little anxious given that we have never used a sitter before but it was a revelation.
   Winston kept us up-to-date with photos of the dogs and an account of exactly how many of his carefully prepared meals that Ziggy had managed     to steal (!) so we always felt that we knew what was happening.
   He let us know if there had been any deliveries and even photographed envelopes in case any important mail had arrived.
   We came back to find the house spotless and two very happy dogs who sorely miss him.
   I think he is much more fun for them to have around than we are!
   We also came back to a list of small repair jobs that Winston had carried out in the house which was truly amazing.

  "We have already booked Winston for another two stays and multiple sits throughout 2017."

 G&L - (Highgate,  Wiltshire)





  'O' aka "The Hackney Cryer"    - 90 minute Drop-In. One week. Multiple bookings since 2016.

   Thanks again for taking us on at short notice, and for taking such good care of 'O' - and the house.
   I can't imagine what came over you to want to clean our kitchen sink but it's positively gleaming so thank you very much!

  "I'm very happy to compliment your service as we are very pleased and I'm sure we'll be using you again in future."

   MESSAGE FROM 'O'   -  "Thank you very much for looking after me. As you can see I'm a very contented pussy, and I've told my master                     and mistress all about our week together.  Best wishes 'O' aka the Hackney Cryer"





   WILD KIMBA (Siamese) and GINGER MONET                                                

   Multiple Drop-Ins - Summers and Winters - Since 2016. 

   Two very different male cats with opposite personalities. They just cannot live in a small flat together. Housed in separate                                         rooms with separate litter trays and feeding arrangements. If they were left together they would fight for the limited territory available.                   Advised on calming music, like BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, and Classic FM. 
   Winston has kept our two male cats for 14 days during our holidays ; temperamentally difficult cats but he managed with                                    perfection and great professionalism.
   He understood their behaviour and their needs, and also helped us in the future management with its precious advice.
  Thanks Winston ..even from Kimba and Monet ! 

  "Surely we will call Winston again when we need. He definitely gets our recommendation!"

   Thanks a lot again,

   Daniele and Michele- Wimbledon, and Tooting.





   TOBY (14 years) & MAX (18 months) - Loving Golden Retrievers Hampstead, London NW3.   Multiple sits bookings since 2016.

   Winston is the perfect petsitter.

    Winston recently looked after our two Golden Retrievers Max & Toby, while we were away.
    We were impressed on so many levels;
    - from the way that he visited before hand to get to to know the dogs and let them get to know him,
    - the care he demonstrated following their daily routine,
    - the regular (very amusing) photo updates throughout the stay,
    - and the immaculate condition of both the dogs and our house upon our return.
   I have no hesitation in recommending him as the best petsitter you could hope for.






  'Gracie' (Whippet) and 'Chester' (large Yorkshire Terrier). Both 8 years old. Multiple booking sits 2016 / Booked for Devon in 2017.

   We have employed dog/flat sitters for 12 years. This was the first time we employed Winston, and I have to say he has been brilliant.
   The dogs obviously loved him, and it was clear on his pre-stay visit that he has a great manner with animals. I went into the holiday feeling relaxed and confident about his stay.
   Regular updates and pics on WhatsApp and Facebook, were welcome while we were away.
  We returned to an immaculately clean flat.
   Winston had even done a few little jobs, that were long over due, defrosting freezer, cleaning, unblocking Hoover and a few other things.
   The dogs had clearly been looked after very well, and they were sad to see him go. One checking the door for him many times !!!!!

  "I really can't recommend Winston highly enough. Very professional and obviously great with dogs."

   Before booking our next trip, I will check to see if Winston is available.  

 Alan C  - Stoke Newington, London N16





  'Guapa' Fat French cat. 90-Minute Christmas Drop-Ins. 2016-2017.

  Winston is fantastique

   We used Winston for the first time over the Christmas period for his 90-Minute Drop-In service to feed and keep our overweight baby company.         We only have a small space with no outside access, so Guapa has become rather, fat!      
   Winston came up with activities for keep her active  and even left a toy.  Lots of photographs and videos.
   We used Winston again at short notice later on in 2016.

  "He is the ultimate professional, trustworthy and reliable."

    Delphine - St. John's Wood, London NW8





   'Sola' RIP - Muswell Hill, London   'Sola' was a 21 year old, non-barking, American (cross breed unknown).

Regularly seen chasing her bouncing tennis ball in Highgate Wood, or  along the wooded trail behind Cranley Gardens.

   "Winston is awesome!"

    We found him at last minute when our regular sitter could not accommodate our travel plans and we have not looked back.  
    Winston has dog/house sat for us for 4 long stays now and our dog Sola loves him (I am secretly a bit jealous). 
    Winston walks, feeds, cuddles and talks to Sola. He treats her like we treat her. He has even given her baths whilst we have been away. 
    We get pics, video and WhatsApp updates and if there is an odd thing around the house that needs doing, you may return home and find it has     been tended to, and the house is spotless. 

   "We have already booked Winston into 2016 and 2017 so we obviously will be using him again and again."    

   Charyl - Muswell Hill, London






   The wonderful 9 month old, inquisitive and photogenic  'Miss Bean of Harlesden' Jackapoo.

    A cross between a Jack Russell and a Poodle.  Trainable and eager to learn.

   Multiple bookings. Since 2016.

   Winston looked after my nine (9) month old puppy for a week while I was away.
   Both she (Miss Bean) and I were delighted with his service.
   Miss Bean loved him and I had plenty of communication from Winston so I always felt she was safe and well cared for.
   He has a natural affinity for keeping pets happy and entertained.
   Winston took all the worry out of leaving my beloved baby while I was away.
  "I can't recommend him highly enough and have rebooked him for my next trip already."
   Thanks Winston, from me AND Miss Bean
   Five stars all round.

 Lucinda A. London, UK





   Miss Odette - Persian Queen of Kensington, London                            

   Multiple Drop-Ins booked 2016 and 2017

   I hired Winston to look after my  5 year old Persian Cat, Odette, while I went on holiday for 8 days.
   Odette is a fussy little Diva and does not take to strangers well.   
   I was confident that she would take to Winston as I know him well and know that he loves animals.
   I was pleasantly  surprised whilst on holiday, when Winston sent me photos and videos of my little Odette happily eating from Winston's hand (I have not even been able to get her to do that). She would sit next to Winston and was very comfortable and happy in his company.
   "I highly recommend Winston."
    It was also good to know that I had someone popping in and out of the house regularly whilst I was away.
   When I got back I noticed that my extractor fan in the bathroom had been cleaned. And he also tidied up the pictures on my                                sideboard in the living room.
   I am very pleased with the service and plan on using it again in a few months (Nov).

  Sandra - North Kensington, London 





'Lord Pometheus of Staines-upon-Thames' - 15 years old 

Sit included feeding 5 Japanese Koi and a giant Goldfish.               

Multiple booking sits in 2016.

*Now he is the Earl of Virginia Water with multiple sits throughout 2017

We could not have found somebody more suited to looking after our precious cat, Pometheus, than Winston.
          Pom can be quite unique and extremely sensitive to the majority of people he meets, meaning we find it hard to go away for long for fear of how ill he can make himself.
However Winston was so understanding of pets needs and their individual natures that I would now say he is probably the only  other person who Pom seems truly comfortable around!
          He sent us loads of pictures and videos daily showing what a great friendship they had built up and it was so reassuring to  see our home being kept well and Pom looking happy and healthy.
If anything, Pom seemed most upset on our return as he realised it was time for his new buddy to leave!
We could not recommend Winston enough and will definitely be requesting him again in the future!"

Paul & Rachelle - Staines-upon-Thames, UK





                     'Murphy the teenage talented Posh Highgate Cat'                                

Multiple sits throughout 2016 and long term bookings throughout 2017

   "Can't recommend him enough!"

Winston recently looked after our precious little Tuxedo cat, Murphy, whilst we were away on holiday and we couldn’t recommend him enough.
Our little bundle of fur took to Winston immediately and we could see from the daily updates how much he was enjoying  being thoroughly spoilt by Winston.
Everything was taken care of impeccably and it was obvious with great care and affection.
Our cat was so content on our return, he barely noticed us!
Also our flat was beautifully clean and our garden looked fantastic.
"We would happily ask Winston to take care of him again and would be delighted to provide a reference."
Organised★ Reliable    Self-sufficient★  Tidy★ Pet care

Maria & Matt - Highgate, London, UK





                                               Sammy the blind cat. 21 years old RIP.                                                          

Winston has been a brilliant find - he took wonderful care of my cat and flat, which was incredibly clean when I returned. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to delay my return and Winston was most helpful in sorting out some of the issues that went along with that including arranging to have my medication sent to me abroad. 

   While I was away he sent me regular updates with pictures and videos. 

   "I can easily give Winston the highest recommendation."
   Organised★ Reliable    Self-sufficient★  Tidy★ Pet care

Kathleen D. - Walthamstow, London, UK





'Molly' - Deaf Cat - Multiple bookings 2016

Winston looked after our house and Molly, our (deaf) cat, for a month. 
He was brilliant: reliable, well organized, very good at keeping us informed and dealing with unexpected complications, and excellent with Molly. 
The house was spotless when we got back. 
You couldn't ask for a better house-sitter!"
Organised★ Reliable    Self-sufficient★  TidyPet care

Maria A. Clapham, London





Morris.  55kg Neapolitan Mastiff (cross)  -  3 week sit 

" have shown that you can take a dog like Morris and turn him into a social animal, when as we all know, he was having a few issues                     with going to the park before you came along.
I greatly appreciate all the efforts you made looking after the dogs, better than anyone else has managed to do in the past."
Organised★ ★ ★ ★ ★Reliable★ ★ ★ ★ ★Self-sufficient★ ★ ★ ★ ★Tidy★ ★ ★ ★ ★Pet care★ ★ ★ ★ ★

ROBERT V. Primrose Hill, London,UK





BiBi - Jack Russell / Chihuahua (cross)  - 3 week sit 

   "...the photos speak for themselves how BiBi loved being pampered."
   Sheer mayhem
   Organised★ ★ ★ ★ ★Reliable★ ★ ★ ★ ★Self-sufficient★ ★ ★ ★ ★Tidy★ ★ ★ ★ ★Pet care★ ★ ★ ★ ★

ROBERT V. Primrose Hill, London,UK






   Winston is a fantastic cat and house sitter. He looked after my cat Spicey for two weeks and sent me wonderful photos of him while I was away.     Spicey was happy and content when I got back.
   My flat was spotless when I got back, he'd laundered my sheets and remade my bed and he'd even fixed my toilet seat!

   "I would highly recommend Winston to anyone looking for a reliable, honest and trustworthy house/pet sitter."
   Organised★ ★ ★ ★ ★Reliable★ ★ ★ ★ ★Self-sufficient★ ★ ★ ★ ★Tidy★ ★ ★ ★ ★Pet care★ ★ ★ ★ ★

ALEXANDRA - East Finchley, London





Mr. Hugo Persian, and Rosie Goggle Box - Two week booking

Two (2) cats, including Hugo the huge deaf Persian, who thinks he's a dog.
This was our first time using the website so we weren't sure what to expect (especially since we left things to the last minute). 

We went with stand-out Winston who was extremely familiar with our neighbourhood as he used to live in the area. 

First time we met him, he immediately put us at ease with his sense of humour and easy-going nature. 

Whilst we were away, he sent us plenty of updates, pics and videos of our cats showing all were having a fab time. 

Upon our return, our flat was the cleanest we'd had it in AGES which was a very pleasant surprise. 

Plus, our cats were chilled out and non-plussed that we had even returned. 

All in all, Winston ticked all the boxes and then some!
We would definitely utilise his services again in the future and recommend him to others without hesitation
Organised★ ★ ★ ★ ★Reliable★ ★ ★ ★ ★Self-sufficient★ ★ ★ ★ ★Tidy★ ★ ★ ★ ★Pet care★ ★ ★ ★ ★



                                                       I can be trusted to keep your private life, private